Saturday, September 19, 2009

HAIKU2K: 100 Haikus about songs from the 2000s game!

The latter half of 2009 may not be remembered at all, because technology has allowed anyone with an internet connection to spend the latter of half of this year reminiscing about the 2000s decade via billions and billions of lists! Who can blame? I don't think many will or want to defend the year 2009 in the future, culturally anyway.

So I will contribute to the problem by submitting a haiku blog for 100 songs from this decade -- ten per year -- one artist per song.

Here are the rules:

- Each week or so, I will blog 10 haikus.

- Your goal: try to guess the band or artist given clues in the provided haiku in the comments section. Try to guess the song title as well.

- You get 1 point for correctly guessing the band or artist.
- You get 1 additional point for correctly guessing the song title.
- Each song was released in the decade at play -- which is the major clue for all haikus blogged.

- The answers are revealed after every decade i.e. every 10 haikus (after which, you can go back to each song post to offer your critique, or offer your own haiku instead.) A score of 20 for a decade is a perfect score. A score of 200 is a perfect score for the entire run.

- There are no restrictions. You can search online, you can cheat, or you can do whatever to score your points.

Only your heart knows your REAL score! </emo>*

Haiku #1 will be blogged any day or hour now... starting with the year 2000.

(* "emo" actually is shorthand for "emphasis overload", not "emotional". Now you know.)

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