Friday, June 29, 2007

A Mix: June Gloom III

00:00-03:06 . 03:06 01 Lee Hazlewood "My Baby Cried All Night Long" (1966, from The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood) [los angeles california usa, born in mannford oklahoma usa]

03:06-06:05 . 02:59 02 Paul Robeson "Joe Hill" (1959, from Favorite Songs, also on v/a Classic Labor Songs compilation) [new york new york usa, born in princeton new jersey usa]

06:05-06:36 . 00:31 03 Douglas Quin "Emperor Penguins" (1998, from Antarctica field recordings) [petaluma california usa]

06:36-09:06 . 02:30 04 Refrigerator "California" (1997, from Refrigerator) [upland california usa]

09:06-16:32 . 07:26 05 Kinski "The Snowy Parts Of Scandinavia" (2005, from Alpine Static) [seattle washington usa]

16:32-21:08 . 04:36 06 Graveslime "Chariots Of Fire" - originally by Vangelis (2003, from Roughness And Toughness) [reykjavík iceland]

21:08-28:18 . 07:10 07 Hochenkeit "To Be Born Drunk And Die Dreaming" (2000, from Omu4h 4aholab/400 Boys) [portland oregon usa]

28:18-31:21 . 03:03 08 Jean-Claude Vannier "L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes" (1972, from L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches) [paris france]

31:21-34:49 . 03:28 09 Conlon Nancarrow, co-recorded by Robert Shumaker "Study For Player Piano No. 36" (composition year unknown, rec. 1988, from Studies For Player Piano box set) [mexico city mexico, born in texarkana arkansas usa]

34:49-35:57 . 01:08 10 Phillip Arnautoff "Soliloquy: A Ritual Of Communion With Vibrating Strings (Part 4)" (1999, from Soliloquy: A Ritual Of Communion With Vibrating Strings) [seattle washington usa]

35:57-39:45 . 03:48 11 Sir Richard Bishop "Provenance Unknown" (2004, from Improvika) [seattle washington usa]

39:45-45:01 . 05:16 12 Godley & Creme "I Pity Inanimate Objects" (1979, from Freeze Frame) [london england uk, orig. stockport england uk]

45:01-49:47 . 04:46 13 U.S. Saucer "Cowboy Song" (1994, from Tender Places Come From Nothing) [san francisco california usa]

49:47-53:42 . 03:55 14 The Montgolfier Brothers "All My Bad Thoughts" (2005, from All My Bad Thoughts) [manchester england uk]

53:42-55:34 . 01:52 15 The Durutti Column "Detail For Paul" (1981, from LC) [manchester england uk]

55:34-59:22 . 04:21 16 Shéna Ringö "I Won't Last A Day Without You" - originally by The Carpenters (2002, from Utaite Myouri ~Sono Ichi~) [tokyo japan]

59:22-62:47 . 02:52 17 Arne Nordheim "Return" (2003, from Dodeka) [oslo norway]

62:47-68:20 . 05:22 18 Arvo Pärt, performed by Paavo Järvi / Estonian National Symphony Orchestra "Silouans Song" (1991, rec. 2000, from Summa) [berlin germany, ussr before, born in estonia]

68:20-71:09 . 02:49 19 Lenny Welch "Since I Fell For You" (1963, from Since I Fell For You, later, A Taste Of Honey: The Complete Cadence Recordings 1959-1964 compilation) [new york new york usa, born in asbury park new jersey usa]

71:09-74:20 . 03:11 20 Tony Bennett "This Is All I Ask" (1963, from This Is All I Ask, later, several compilations) [new york new york usa]

74:20-79:37 . 05:17 21 Supreme Dicks "Descension Song" (1994, from Working Man's Dick) [amherst massachusetts usa]



I'll be reposting the first and second June Gloom mixes from 2005 and 2006, respectively, in the very near future... although this is the first mix that doesn't feature any music from this year on it, so these aren't meant to be modern tastemakers or anything. In fact, what the hell are these things supposed to be anyway?

June Gloom is a term describing the unseasonal grey skies that greet the west coast of North America -- particularly California -- although this could apply to any western coast in the world. June Gloom automatically applies to any place well south of the equator currently enduring winter. The North is lucky in that many Western countries enjoy the Holiday season during their darkest days. Those in the south part of the world don't get that distraction when in the dark.

As for the mixes -- well, I figure any time of the year is apt for gloom. This happened to me in June of 2005 for a variety of reasons. Not everything in the mixes are gloomy. Some of tracks are for relaxation. Others completely agitate. I love The Smiths, and I don't mind Morrissey, but I guess I'm trying to shatter the idea that their music is the role model for gloom. Also time has really warped the idea that either of the two are really all that gloomy anyway.

Gloom has been used as a weapon by major media -- albeit in very specific ways. Gloom is often presented as Something You Were Meant To Experience From A Higher Being, defining that loosely. Sure, there are far more gloomy stories reported by the media, however they are often presented as freak stories.

I could go on, but the mixes are generally a reaction to and a reflection of the above.

There. Hope the idle babble here distracted you enough to finish your download! ;-(

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