Saturday, December 02, 2006

Flipper - Live at El Corazon - December 1st, 2006

I originally posted this on a couple of other forums late last night still a bit drunk after having seen the show, then deciding to walk the thirty minutes home through one of the foggiest nights I remember. Especially given the music I heard, I guess it was appropriate that car headlights appeared as these twirling light figures as they drove behind concrete slits and chain-link fences inside the cloud. Yes, yes, I made it home fine -- despite some precarious late-night jaywalking on busy streets near last call. Of course, typo and grammar disclaimers for drunk posts apply greatly here, for the obvious reasons. Noteworthy is that last night was the first show for Flipper with Krist Novoselic (ex Nirvana, Sweet 75, etc.) as bassist:

i'm a bit drink but the show was fantastic eve if abridged... people can argue about the metaslopiness or lack thereof if they want.. Bruce is a fucking amazing frontman and if tonight was any indication of what he was like back in the day, I wish I could create a time machine... in any case, Krist was great in that he was a purist about his job... they did most of their best songs.. even some shatter ones. and the finale ended in really loud sound loop of machine gun fire and sex bomb baby for about 40 seconds until the show had to be shutdown at midnight because it was an all ages show. Bruce: "IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 40... LEAVE NOW!" *shrug* *drops microphone* leaves.. Krist lodges bass into stage divider and lets it feedback for another 40 seconds.. end of show... people are fucking pissed coming up to me asking why the set had to be cut short.. all older people being upset.. well most of them. I liked the mild chaos and anger after the show. i like sex bomb baby but fuck it, they have much better songs than that, so all the agitated people was far more way better to end the show. the 9 to 13 year olds just called their parents and had a great time. They officially started a little "teehee" pit when "Ha Ha Ha" was introduced... then the angry crazy punks from that Chips episode joined in. So, yeah, your Flipper show may vary. it was not Blow N Chunk 2006, but it certainly wasn't a clean show. life is cheap was played with bass drums and vocals only as ted's guitar thing didn't work, then it cut back in at the end and created this really sick sound finale thing.. but from what people told me who saw them in the early 80s, it was the best Flipper show they've seen since then, and came closest to feeling like one of those older shows, even though it wasn't exactly the same.. or something like that.

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