Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Mix: June Gloom V

00:00-01:33 . 01:33 01 .O.Rang "(Untitled / Lamellophone)" (1996, from Fields & Waves) [london england uk]

01:33-04:47 . 03:14 02 Spanky & Our Gang "Yesterday's Rain" (1969, from Anything You Choose b/w Without Rhyme Or Reason) [chicago illinois usa, originally st augustine florida usa]

04:47-08:32 . 03:45 03 Sam and The Plants "The Eft" (2009, from The Eft) [lancashire county england uk]

08:32-11:55 . 03:23 04 Opsvik & Jennings "Wrong Place Right Time" (2007, from Commuter Anthems) [new york new york usa, originally norway and oklahoma usa]

11:55-15:24 . 03:29 05 John Martyn "Just Now" (1971, from Bless The Weather) [glasgow scotland uk, born new malden england uk]

15:24-20:45 . 05:21 06 Rodriguez "Cause" (1971, from Coming From Reality) [london england uk, originally detroit michigan usa]

20:45-22:50 . 02:05 07 Evie Sands "I Can't Let Go" (1965, from "I Can't Let Go" single, also from compilation One Kiss Can Lead To Another - Girl Group Sounds) [new york new york usa]

22:50-25:26 . 02:36 08 Glen Campbell "Guess I'm Dumb" (1965, from "Guess I'm Dumb" single, also from compilation Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions) [los angeles california usa, born delight arkansas usa]

25:26-28:02 . 02:36 09 Phyllis Dillon "A Thing Of The Past" (recorded 1967, from compilation The Birth Of Trojan - Duke Reid Rocksteady 1967 released in 2002) [kingston jamaica, originally st. catherine jamaica]

28:02-33:26 . 05:24 10 Donny Hathaway "I Love The Lord; He Heard Me Cry (Parts I & II)" (1973, from Extension Of A Man) [chicago illinois usa, born st louis missouri usa]

33:26-37:35 . 04:09 11 John Hill "Ganymede" (1970, from John Hill's 6 Moons Of Jupiter) [philadelphia pennsylvania usa]

37:35-41:58 . 04:23 12 The Delfonics "Delfonics' Theme (How Could You)" (1970, from The Delfonics) [philadelphia pennsylvania usa]

41:58-46:27 . 04:29 13 Ultra Vivid Scene "Lightning" (1990, from Joy 1967-1990) [new york new york usa]

46:27-66:02 . 19:35 14 Rhys Chatham "A Crimson Grail, Part 1" (recorded in 2005, appears on A Crimson Grail released in 2007) [paris france, originally new york new york usa]

66:02-69:28 . 03:26 15 Kraftwerk "Heimatklänge" (1973, from Ralf Und Florian) [düsseldorf west germany]

69:28-74:27 . 04:59 16 Papa M "Up North Kids" (1999, from Live From A Shark Cage) [originally louisville kentucky usa]

74:27-79:56 . 05:29 17 David Ruffin "Walk Away From Love" (1975, from Who I Am) [detroit michigan usa, born whynot mississippi usa]



June Gloom V is the final mix in this series, and I re-uploaded all four previous mixes too. June Gloom V is dedicated to my friend Rickey Wright, who passed away this past February 2009.

When I listen to music from time to time when doing work, I imagine he's there with me at work about to make a witty comment about what I'm listening to, or about to start a story. As someone whose life path is based around music, I feel like I've lost a key angel in my life. Then I remember that by conjuring his voice and his dedication to music, I'm part of a large group of people who are keeping him alive in a new way. I want to play off the June Gloom series on that note.

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